Choosing the correct School Furniture

Educational furniture plays a vital role in education and can even improve learning among students.

Educational furniture plays a vital role in education and can even improve learning among students. Classroom furniture is important for the function it serves within the classroom environment. While deciding on what is needed in a classroom is a personal choice, it is essential to consider how the furniture complements the subject being taught and the comfort of the students. School furniture includes desks, chairs, tables and shelves among many other pieces. School furniture is of paramount importance for all grades including Nursery School, grade r Lower primary and higher primary through to secondary school and even university.

Most high quality classroom furniture will be used by thousands of learners over many many years. Primarily the type of furniture for a particular classroom is driven by the age of the students and the teacher's presentation of a lesson. Also of importance when considering school furniture is the size of the classroom and the number of students the class room accommodates.

The Correct Classroom Layout

A well-arranged classroom can facilitate both teaching and learning

A well-arranged classroom can facilitate both teaching and learning and good classroom management begins with setting the environment for learning while a poorly arranged class can lead to many disruptions and time wasting,. The goal of classroom management is to improve student's time-on-task, so setting up your classroom is an important, early step in managing student behavior and works hand in hand with the selection of the correct school furniture - See article: Choosing the correct School Furniture.

Seating arrangement should be decided at the beginning of the year. Arranging desks in rows helps reduce distractions and helps the teacher learn student names quickly and easily. Make sure rows are not facing any sources of distraction, such as the windows or doorways. In addition this arrangement works well for passing back graded papers.
Don't be afraid to change the seating arrangement after a few weeks, based on teaching style. For a lot of group work, place desks in clusters of three or four.

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Research has shown that learners learn better if experiencing learning concretely (touching, feeling and experiencing) rather than the old school thoughts that learning can only be experienced through the abstract use of textbooks alone. It is also important that the process of learning starts at birth and continues with a formal pre-school education before the learner enters the formal school system. Idem Smile promotes the use of Educational Aids in the development of our young children.

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Learning through the instruction of Mother Tongue is encouraged and we have a number of educational games and publications which are available in a variety of South African Languages.


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