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A report by the Institute of Race Relations

January 2015

A report released by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) says between the years 2000 & 2013 the number of private schools grew by 63.1%.

Some of the reported facts include:

  • The private schools went up from 971 schools to 1584 schools
  • 73% of private school enrolment was of black pupils (provided by ISASA)
  • Most of these schools are either middle or low fee schools
  • Almost half these schools charge less than R33 000 a year
  • The province with the biggest increase in private schools was Eastern Cape followed by Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

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Change Something: People Making a difference

Change Something: People Making a difference

Brent Lindeque says "I've decided to create something positive out of the random global phenomena of NekNominations. Downing a can of Castle Light is easy... imagine if we all harnessed the power of social media to make a real difference in peoples lives."

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Interesting Articles Added to Idem Advice

Ever wondered about Educational Furniture and the correct classroom layout

We have compiled two interesting article to assist you in choosing the correct educational furniture for your classroom and how to arrange the furniture in your classroom to promote learning.

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GRADE R Compulsory

By 2019 in South Africa

Poor results reflected in national assessment of our children's numeracy and literacy, is a perfect reason to introduce quality education at an earlier stage.
Plans to phase Grade R into the schooling system with a view to making it compulsory for children up to the age of six in 2019 is a positive move by our eduction department. Grade R is at present not compulsory, however parents are realizing the importance of this stepping stone for their children's education. Statistics published by the Department of Basic Education, show that the number of children in Grade R increased from 15% in 1999 to 70% in 2010 of those children eligible.

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Opening Address at the ISASA Conference

By Minister Angie Motshekga

We though you might find this speech by Minister Angie Motshekga at the 2013 Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa very interesting published on the Department of Basic Educations Website.

One of the highlights...
"The National Department has released a National Reading Programme for Grades R to 12 further to strengthen reading and literacy outcomes at classroom and school level.

The public education system is making serious inroads to improve provision and utilisation of Learner Teacher Support Material with coverage estimated at 80% in 2012 from 45% in 2007. We have provided 114 million workbooks to all learners in Grades R to 9. We will continue to promote utilisation of this valuable resource."

Please click here to read the speach

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Something that most South African companies should consider

Paul Koffler, CEO of Idem Smile at a recent customer presentation expressed how proud Idem Smile is with the fact that 99% of their products are made in South African factories and mostly made from South African raw materials. Something that most South African companies should consider as priority to their business, community and country. Let's not forget the value that Idem Smile is giving to each South African child who has the privilege of touching, learning or playing with an Idem Smile educational product. Further Paul highlighted the fact that Idem Smile is currently developing some innovative products and packing solutions. These will ship with many of the new orders received recently. Most of these are in progress of being picked, packed and shipped around South Africa. Our motto at Idem Smile, as always - Once again in South Africa for South Africa.

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Madiba Day - Thank You

Our children are our future

A heartfelt thanks to all those who supported the Idem Smile Mandela Day initiative.

Our children are our future, a phrase we all know, and we at Idem Smile have dedicated this brand for the betterment of education, and will continue to do so.

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